Sunday, 16 October 2011


welcome to bunny's veggie patch :)

this blog will have my tried and tested veggie recipes & maybe some other veggie related stuff.

i've been a veggie for just over 3 years now and my body told me to become a veggie. i am meat and fish intolerant. despite this i now wouldn't thank you for meat & fish. i do feel healthier.

anyway i hope you enjoy the recipes that i put up here & if you try them do let me know :)


bunny xxx


  1. I cant eat a lot of heavily processed foods, I also cant eat too much fruit or high fibre type stuff - its funny how we all react to 'modern' food.

    If you dont get one already I recommend an organic veg box. I use Riverford I think their network of farms covers most of the country. Great taste and different veg mean you will always be trying out new things - plus you get more recipes to try :)

  2. true *huggs* xxx

    & no i don't will look into it though